Why Smart Businesses Choose Cloud Plus IT Support...

Fully Managed

If you don't want to get into the technical aspects of IT, don't worry - our team have you covered. After all, we’re here to make you look good!

We’ll project manage any issues with third-parties on your behalf. So you no longer have to play mind-numbing sets of "telephone tennis" with your internet and software providers.

No more irritating hold music or frustrating overseas call centres! Our team will handle this for you.

Mind-blowingly Proactive

Unlike others, we don’t wait for the brown stuff to hit the fan before we take action. With our proactive monitoring systems, we’re able to detect problems in your network before you even notice them!

This means we’re able to act on issues before they begin to affect you and your team, ensuring you’re safe and secure. Saving you heaps of time in the process.

Available Wherever You Are

Having local expertise is essential. No one enjoys being transferred to an overseas call centre. It's a frustrating experience, and can increase the possibility of data security problems.

That’s why all technicians are UK based and supported by a network of experts across the UK. With the use of remote control systems, we can provide support wherever you are in the world. Even if you have outsourced teams or travel extensively, we can support you as if you were sitting at your desk.

Lightning Reactions

We know that your time is precious. So, the quicker we react once we know about your issue the better. That’s why we’ve invested in achieving response times that Usain Bolt would be proud of!

Bigger teams, more efficient systems and keeping you (our customer) the priority. This helps us ensure your issue receives the attention it deserves.

Totally Flexible

We appreciate the size of your team can change in a flash, so in this dynamic business world there is no place for rigid contracts.

With Cloud Plus – you can scale up and down on support, whenever you need to! This means our customers avoid any obstacles in the way of their business growth.

No Long-term Contracts

Our high level of service is what should keep you a customer, rather than keeping you ‘locked in’ by our terms. That's why we’ve banished long-term contracts to the bin.

There are no automatic lock ins, much to Richard O'Brien’s disappointment! We only ask that you commit to a month, so we can show you the value we bring to your business.

Completely Unlimited - Fixed Fee

We’re not the kind of company that reels you in with a tasty offer, to then milk you dry with skyrocketing prices. At Cloud Plus, we work on a fixed price per PC / Server basis. One fixed price per unit, so you know every month how much your cover is going to be. No matter how often you use our service. The reason we do this is simple. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with you. We’re in it for the long run – so our pricing structure reflects that.

Working When You're Working

With a range of options available, we make sure you have the best support exactly when you need it.

Whether you work abroad or even if run a 24 hour online business – we can put a flexible package in place that suits you.

Plus, A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re still unsure (and why wouldn’t you be, it’s a big decision!), then let us put our money where our mouths are. If you join Cloud Plus, and for any reason decide we're not for you - simply cancel your membership and we’ll refund all your money.

That means we’re under pressure from the off to make sure you’re a happy customer, putting you in the position of power. You can’t say fairer than that.

Top #5 Reasons UK Businesses Choose Cloud Plus...


Your very own proactive and dedicated personal I.T. Manager

This is by a mile the most popular feature of Cloud Plus support. As soon as you come on board, you’ll be assigned a dedicated and experienced I.T. Manager.

This is just like having your own employee. Your I.T. manager is there to make sure your set-up is working perfectly. They’re available for monthly progress calls, quarterly meetings and are always at the end of the phone if you need them.

With your new I.T. manager on board, you’ll collaborate to develop a road map for your company’s I.T. needs, taking you from where you are, to where you want to be with your I.T. system. With your dedicated I.T. Manager, we want you to feel so confident in our service that you’ll allow us to take full responsibility for your I.T. – so you don’t have to.


A customer-first service you’ll rave about.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling in the dark when an I.T. problem hits – and this is why exceptional customer service is at the forefront of everything we do.

You’ll find our Award Winning support service refreshing, reliable, and very userfriendly as our engineers are recruited for their customer service skills - as well as their technical ability.

We’re proud of our 5 Star Google Rating, and 99.3% client satisfaction rating. Add to that the host of customer service awards we’ve been nominated in recent years… and you’ll see our customer-first service speaks for itself.


Top notch one-to-one telephone and remote support.

Our highly trained engineers are available at your beck and call. It’s like having your very own I.T. department. We can perform remote installations to get you up and running with any new hardware and software super-quick.

Or if you’re having trouble with I.T. gremlins, within a few moments we can remotely access and start troubleshooting immediately.

If your issue requires to be dealt with ‘hands on’, don’t worry, we can arrange a call out for you. One of our local engineers can come and visit your site to tackle the issue first hand. Factor in our 16+ years’ experience and you can feel confident we can fix anything – and quick!


Super speedy ticket response times – the fastest in the industry!

Without super-efficient I.T. support, the effect on your business could be devastating.

On top of the frustration and lost time, there’s the hard cost of a productivity dip, wasted employee costs, and potential revenue damage.

At Cloud Plus, we understand that time is money. That’s why we give your I.T. problems the urgency they deserve.

We proudly say that we deliver the fastest response times in the UK!


A pro-active service our competitors can’t match.

Prevention is always better than cure – and with ‘proactive monitoring’, you’ll be getting the very best.

With regular health checks, we’ll ensure your network is in tip-top shape. With our proactive service, your I.T. system won’t miss a beat, making an on-site call out far less likely.

We’re in the business of making your business’s I.T. run smoothly, and we won’t be satisfied until it does.

    And that's not all. Imagine, how much easier your life would become if...

    • You could raise a support ticket knowing an experienced engineer will start troubleshooting and resolving your issue quick sharp.
    • Staff could request help themselves – without your authorisation (and without your support costs escalating).
    • Your I.T. provider continually surprised you with their attentive, reliable support – so you never felt frustrated by bad I.T. service again.

    Well, all the above (and more) come as standard! To find out more, simply download our free pdf guide via the form on this page.

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