Cloud Plus Email Security


  • One-off activation fee of £19.99 + VAT per email
  • Monthly fee of just £2.50 + VAT per email


Cloud Plus Email Security provides enterprise level spam and junk email filtering and protection.

In short this means that with Cloud Plus Email Security, you’ll see an immediate reduction of distracting, disgusting and dangerous messages finding their way to your inbox.

This differs from other anti-spam products as they are frequently installed on the email server, meaning they only identify problem emails when the server is processing them for your inbox.

Cloud Plus Email Security however is ‘cloud based’, so all the processing, checking, and filtering is completed on a separate system. This means that you can rest assured that only clean emails are being delivered to both your own, and your colleague’s inboxes.

Key Benefits:

  • Protection against viruses, phishing, worms, trojans and malware – keeping your systems safe and secure.
  • Blocks spam, giving you a more efficient working environment, with constant, automated security updates and patches.
  • Protects against server downtime, and reduction in the risk of losing your invaluable data.
  • Cloud based, so your email keeps working – improving your internal communication, and with costumers and prospects.

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