In reality, good is actually not good enough. Have you ever thought that inability to update technology might prevent your company from growth? What are the different factors that you need to take into consideration when you are using outdated technology? The fact of the matter is that it is not essential to be an IT professional to know whether your work computers and other technology need an upgrade or not. All you need is to monitor the efficiency and productivity levels of computers and other systems along with the time they take to perform routine business tasks.

It is important to listen to the complaints your employees make about an equipment or software. For instance, the downloading is taking time, the software is corrupt, or they are unable to access the company server. These have become so common that business owners tend to ignore them instead of looking into the problems.

Let’s look at the reasons how an old equipment or software can ruin your business:


In this digital era, the way people consume and buy things has totally changed. More and more people now refer to social media platforms to learn and spread information. This helps them tap a broader global reach. If you have not thought about it yet, think about the opportunities you might have missed by being dependent on only newspaper ads and other publicity measures. Do not compromise on the growth of your company.


It goes without saying that old technology is the primary reason that prevents a company from growing and expanding. The reason is that it drastically affects efficiency and productivity levels, as employees are spending more time to work through old and inefficient methods. For instance, if your employees are using an old operating system, like Windows 7 instead of the latest Windows 10, your system is more vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

Similarly, if you have not updated your old computer, your employees will face slower processing speeds that hamper the overall productivity. If we take an example of Microsoft, it has stopped supporting products if you are running an older operating system. In addition to this, other resources, such as your IT department, will also spend more time to continue maintaining and updating the old computers to keep them in working condition.


If you are using old equipment and software, it means you have to allocate a budget for their maintenance as well. This is an unwanted expenditure, which can be avoided if you upgrade your systems and other IT related equipment that needs it. Outdated technology requires regular maintenance and causes issues on a daily basis as well. Thus, instead of investing your money in fixing them every day, purchase new equipment to ensure that there is no downtime for maintenance. It is better than saving money on upgrades as you also have to look at the bigger picture. Imagine losing all your critical data due to a failed hard drive.


Abacus Data Systems reported that the malware infection that a company faces, could be reduced by a significant 75% or more if they utilize updated technology. It is believed that older systems are more vulnerable to attacks as hackers know the ins and outs of the system. Thus, you are compromising on your security if you decide not to spend on updated technology sooner or later. Regardless of the business size, new technology will help you gain security advantages making your business secure and stable.

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