Should I Choose A Mac Or PC For My Business?

Apple or Windows? Nothing has divided tech gurus and tech lovers quite like this question.  Most people make their choices based purely on personal preferences. Some love the sense of privilege attached to the Mac, others prefer Windows for the flexibility and freedom it brings. 

For businesses, however, the choice can have bigger consequences. Selecting a combination of the right equipment affects the productivity of your employees and efficiency of your business operations.

 While techies and IT support experts insist that the difference between both the platform has almost diminished, there are a few factors that you should still keep in mind when investing in the right equipment and software for your business. 

The Nature of Your Business

Before deciding on a MAC or PC for your business, you should consider the day-to-day business activities and the nature of operations. If you have employees working both in-house and remotely, then PC makes for a better choice due to its more compatible nature.

Outside the US and UK, PC is more commonly used as compared to Mac, and your remote resources working from other countries are more likely to be PC users.

MAC, however, is more suited for designers as it was basically designed for such demanding jobs. Also, MAC tends to be more secure than a PC due to its proprietary nature. It is recommended for businesses that deal with a lot of sensitive data such as personal information of their clients and customers.

However, the right security software can make your PC just as secure. 

Flexibility and Freedom of Choice

Despite the wide range of software and solutions specifically designed for MAC, you still don’t have as many options to choose from. It is a proprietary machine that only runs proprietary software.

Windows based PC, on the other hand, is capable of running almost any software created by any vendor. With the right development skills or development team, you can even create a Windows based software for your own needs.

This flexibility directly affects the long-term cost of maintaining and upgrading your system.

Cost Effectiveness

There is no argument about the fact that a MAC can cost a lot more than a PC.  Whether you are considering the upfront cost or IT support cost.

However, many MAC supporters believe that due to better security and higher built quality, MAC tends to require less repairs and maintenance.

Still, if you are looking for a basic PC, you can easily get one within £200, while it is extremely difficult to find a MAC that costs less than £700.

So, let’s lay out the pros and cons of both the options and see which one is most suited to your requirements.

Pros and Cons of a PC

+ Lower upfront cost 

+ More compatibility

+ Cheaper support

+ Complete customization

- More security threats

- Frequent failures

Pros and Cons of a MAC

+ Durability and reliability

+ Excellent user experience

+ Shorter learning curve

+ Better security and protection

+ Requires less repair

- High upfront cost

- Expensive IT support

- Lack of options (in terms of software)

The Verdict

Before we pass on our final verdict, we will back what most tech gurus are saying about the diminishing differences. As businesses are moving towards the cloud, the differences hardly matter and compatibility issues are almost gone.

Cloud based technologies are not exactly dependent on your Operating System or Hardware that runs it. What does matter, however, is finding an IT support team that can help you troubleshoot issues and continue your operations with the least bit of disruptions.

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