How To Solve An IT Problem

Imagine turning on a decade-old computer system, there are higher chances that you experience multiple common issues that need to be resolved. Even in new systems, troubleshooting common or unique PC problems is a part of everyday life. Many people tend to turn towards contacting IT support to get rid of them.

However, it is important to not spend $50 on things, which you can fix on your own. Apart from this, almost every problem that is related to IT can be found on Google with ease. Internet and Google have changed how people solve their daily routine problems.

If you are facing IT related problems and want to know how to solve them, keep reading:


This might not make sense to many people, but even before you google the solution to your problem, try restarting your system. Many people do not know that some of the simplest problems can be resolved with a simple restart. However, they tend to panic and fail to realize that this simple step could resolve issues.

While you are at it, make sure that you are keeping your system updated with all latest upgrades. This could be done by running Windows Update every now and then. If you are ignoring these updates, your system could be deprived of important bugs and performance fixes.

Some of the common IT problems that users face on a daily basis are as follows:

Pop-Ups Unnecessarily Appearing On Screen

Many people get unnecessary popup ads on their desktop screens even if they are not surfing the internet on a web browser. If this is happening to you, you must have mistakenly installed an adware on your system that displays popup ads all the time. It is important to understand that getting rid of adware from your system is not an easy task. The first step that you should take is to run an effective antivirus software. In case the full scan does not fix the issue, try searching the name of the advertised product on Google and see how others got rid of this malware.

There is a possibility that both methods will fail and you would still see unwanted popup ads. In this case, you will have to consider complete system re-installation to ensure that it is removed. Make sure that you backup all your data before doing this.

Unusual Google Look

Browser hijackers are one of the most dreaded forms of malware. These hackers take over the web browser by installing unusual files and programs that redirect your search queries to fake pages. The aim is to steal your personal information as well as deeply infect your system.

It is recommended to run a real-time antivirus that will keep your system safe and secure. If you think your browser has been hijacked, consider reinstalling the web browser and run a full scan of a credible antivirus software.

Disconnecting Wi-Fi

Many people get confused why their Wi-Fi connection keeps on disconnecting. Is it their computer or the router? There are several things a user can do before calling their ISP.

Start with making sure that you are using the computer within the range of your wireless router. You can also check that if your system has latest drivers installed. In case all of this is in place, try Windows troubleshoot to fix the issue for you.

A Program Is Not Working On Your New Computer

This is the most common problem that most users experience. The first thing you should do is check the compatibility of the program with your OS. For instance, it is not necessary that an older software which you previously used would work on a newer operating system. Similarly, if you run a 32-bit operating system, a 64-bit program will not run.

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