Google is Marking Your website as Unsafe

Following on from my email last month, I wanted to remind you that Google will start displaying a message on all websites that do not use an SSL certificate to encrypt their website traffic from next month.

An SSL certificate makes the connection look like https:// rather than the normal http://. Its what the banks use to ensure data transmitted between your computer and their online banking website is secure.

Google will also start to rank higher website with an SSL so if your doesn't have an SSL not only will it rank lower than other websites, but any visitor may be presented with a message like this before they can access your website:

Hardly a great way to inspire trust from a potential customer visiting your website.

You can find out more about this change by Google in the following Forbes article:

It is very unlikely you already have an SSL certificate on your website unless you have been paying for one separately as they were not required for normal (non e-commerce) websites before so you may be affected.

Luckily, if you host your website with us you still have time to order an SSL in time for the change.

If you’d like a quote, please reply with the website domains you’d like an SSL for and we can send over a quote.

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