Deleting Your History…

A lot of people aren’t aware of this one, but deleting your internet history serves a much greater purpose than just keeping your browsing history private. Whenever you browse the web, the pages you visit and view are saved on your hard-drive. This means that when you visit the web page for a second time, instead of […]

Who Doesn’t Love A Freebie?

Keeping your PC and computer system backed up, secure, and fully functioning can be expensive.There are a multitude of packages and software that helps protect against malware, backs up data, loads multimedia, modifies images and much more. But you can get these programs without breaking the bank. We’ve made a list of the top free programs […]

Fraudsters Posing As Colleagues

Source: Katie Morley ( emails from senior members of staff asking you to transfer money with extreme caution.Workers are falling for a new email scam in which fraudsters impersonate a senior member of their company to trick them into transferring money, according to police intelligence. Financial Fraud Action UK has warned that con-men have started carefully […]

Is This Your Password?

Source: Nitya Rajan (The Huffington Post UK) Most Popular (and Worst) Passwords Revealed!Some internet users give precious little thought to online security, and this was made frighteningly apparent via The Huffington Post. That’s right, the most popular (and worst) passwords have been unveiled. Take a look down the list of the top 25: 1. 123456 2. password 3. 12345678 […]

Whitelisting Emails Guide

What does ‘whitelisting’ mean? Noun: A list of people or things considered to be acceptable or trustworthy. Verb: Add to a list of people or things considered trustworthy. As I’m sure you’re aware, lots of email and internet companies use programs to block ‘unwanted’ email. And that’s great… The problem is, sometimes these ‘programs’ block […]

3 Lessons From A Business Owner

3.15pm, Tuesday 16th February 2016 – the phone rings. *ring ring* Cloud Plus Engineer: “Good Afternoon, I.T. Service desk, how can I help?” Anon: “Hi, is that Cloud Plus?” Cloud Plus Engineer: “Yes, how can we help you?” Anon: “Can I speak to Dominic please, it’s urgent…” Now, if there’s one lesson I’ve learnt since starting out, it’s that when […]

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