Data loss tends to affect all those people who use computers, but it is more difficult for those who make use of word processing software.

There is nothing more dreadful than losing your documents that you have put so much effort in creating, particularly those users who create documents directly from the system and without a hardcopy.

We get questions regularly from individuals who desire to recover lost files. However, it gets too late when the damage is done. The best way to recover files is by restoring them from a backup, thus it is pivotal to have a computer to prevent the loss of data.

Whether you are an individual or a business of any size, data lose equals setbacks and delays. In some cases, it means a major crisis, as you lose critical information. There are software and centres that can help you with data recovery. Regardless, it is better to avoid losing data in the first place. There are several ways to avoid getting into such situations while keeping your valuable information safe and secure. Some of them are as follows:


It is recommended to not save any file or document on a drive in which you have installed your operating system. Majority of the word processors, including MS Word, save files in My Documents folder. This is not the right folder location to save documents, because in case there is a virus, software or hardware failure, you may lose valuable documents. In other cases, there might be a need to either reformat the drive or install a fresh copy of operating system. If your files are saved on the same drive, you will lose almost everything.

It is recommended to either make partitions to store such data or install a second hard drive, which is a low-cost way to handle this issue. Even if your operating system is corrupted, you will not have to worry about the files you have saved on the second hard drive. In addition, if you plan to change your system, you can even install it on the new system.


The most common and simplest way to not lose data is by creating a backup of it. You can keep backing up all the data at regular intervals so that you do not have to be concerned in case of any mishap. Apart from this, it is important to understand that cloud systems are prone to vulnerabilities in the form of a server crash. Thus, your backup should be available in another location as well so that you can access it anytime when needed.

You can also try making a habit to back up data either before your day starts or before you leave work so that data loss is minimal. System malfunction can happen anytime, therefore whether it happens in your presence or you are looking to replace your system, your data is still with you.


It is recommended to use a UPS on all computer so that in case of power outages, you can save your system from crashing. When you make use of UPS, the machine will cut any power surge that is flowing through the electrical lines. Note that this is done before the flow reaches your computer. The only downside is you will have to restart your computer. However, this is better than a computer crash that results in significant data loss.

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